Would You Take Your Running Shoes On Holiday?

Its summer time and most of us have an opportunity to go on holiday to our favourite place, where we can enjoy quality family time within peaceful surrounding.

I recently went on a little camping break to Tenby, in South Wales, and I did take my shoes and planned to take an early Morning run in the beautiful countryside and the beach. I have to admit that I did not take the opportunity, I just wanted to be with the family for the weekend, although if it had been for a week then I probably would have made much more of an effort and even included the family.

Holidays are for relaxing and family time and im not trying to persuade you to run on holiday. Sometimes the best way to get motivated is to take a little time out but ensure you get back to it when you get home.

Unfortunately i’m running mad and always strive to lace up my running shoes at every opportunity. I would take my shoes on holiday, but would plan to do it early morning, especially if your abroad it may be cooler, therefore safer and should not affect family time.

The main thing would be to have a great fun packed holiday and not to worry about running, but if you enjoy running why not!

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