Which Bodypower ticket will you be getting?

Which Bodypower ticket will you be getting?

In its 10th anniversary, the Bodypower team have made the 2018 fitness expo, ‘Vegas themed, and will ensure that the expo will be best ever and will not disappoint. With Bodypower being the biggest health and fitness event, then expect many surprises to be announced from Bodypower on the lead up the the event, which will be 11th – 13th May 2018. Be prepared to be be thrilled by this magnificent health and fitness expo bodypower expo code BPDJ2

Bodypower is expected to attracted over 100,000 people over the weekend. The event will be suitable for everyone, the tickets will sell quickly.

With so many different Bodypower tickets available, I have simplified them, so that you are able to decide which Bodypower ticket to get.

Once you have decided which Bodypower ticket you want, Please purchase from Bodypower and remember to use my ambassador Promo Code BPDJ2 when getting any ticket to receive a bottle of Bodypower Dedicated unisex Eau De Toilette worth £29.99

which bodypower ticket


  • I have tried to be as accurate as possible, but cant be held responsible for any errors. Please use this information as a guide only. All prices & ticket information can been seen at the bodypower website

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  • Saturday Vegas Platinum for myself and my 6 year old little man. We’ve not been to one before so my son is already bouncing off the walls ?

    • 1stforfitness
      2 years ago

      Thats great. You will really enjoy the day. I’ve been 3 times and am still very excited for the next! Good on you and good luck!

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