What an achievement, I completed my 1st half marathon

25th June at 9.00am I was standing in the starting alley of the Swansea half marathon. I remember warming up and looking around an seeing all these runners and people watching, It was nerve racking.

When the race started, I held back and everyone was overtaking me, it was difficult not to sprint off, but I needed to run my own race. I had the aim of finishing my 1st half marathon.

At about 2km in, I was thinking to myself that this was going to be tough, and that I may not make it, but it was nerves and I had to overcome them early or it could have finished me.

At 3km my app advised me that I had done the 1st 3km in 16 mins, this pace was a bit fast for me but it is tough to slow down when everyone is running past. I made sure to hold myself back and not drain my energy.

After 6km, many runners were still taking over me, but I started to believe in myself. I was enjoying running this very scenic run. At 9km I could see the mumbles in the distance and could already see the front runners passing the other way.

The turn around point felt fantastic. My fitness was great and my legs felt strong. I was now running adjacent to the sea. It was stunning.

People come from everywhere and I heard them cheer my name many times, ‘as it was printed on my bib, and this inspired me and gave me goose bumps.

After about 15km I could feel my legs weakening and the sun decided to come out and shine. It was hot. At 18km the 2 hour pacer was with me and I knew that I was doing great time and this pushed me on.

The last km was really tough I could barly run, but was not giving up. I got into the city centre and turned the corner and could see the finish line. I was full of adrenaline.

I finished. What a sense of achievement. I did it!! Nothing for me has come closer to this. When doing something you thought was impossible and then you do it!!

I completed a personal best in time and distance, so the pressure will on to beat it.

Thank you to my family for all your support. Thank you for all the cheering from the people of Swansea and the marshals. Thank you to the organisers of the JCP Swansea half marathon #runswansea it was a superb event & fantastic day. I will be back next year to beat my PB.

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