virtual running

Virtual Running

A virtual race is an very good alternative to competing in a race, meaning runners can earn their miles and earn medals.

The benefits of a virtual races, is that complete it during a time frame that suits you and therefore don’t need to worry about poor weather, traffic, parking, commitments or injuries that might cause you to miss the race. You can also use a virtual run to help with your fitness and practice for a physical race.

With 1st for fitness we believe that being part of a community is a feel good factor and everyone can join in and share stories and experiences to motivate and inspire each other.
As with physical races, virtual races we also committed to donating to charities, and for each entry we donate money to a charity and Since thousands of runners are trying out virtual races, more and more charities are benefiting.

We believe that the idea of anyone that participates in a virtual race can do so on their own terms, while supporting a great cause, and receiving some nice medals it commemorate their accomplishment.

We want you to join and look at the virtual running events that we have available and see our community of virtual race participants in the forum. We want you you to feel the energy, the accomplishment and the fun. Our community is inspiring and motivational. Set your own pace and live a healthy lifestyle. Pull up your socks and lace up your running shoes and believe in yourself!

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