Treforest 10km – Supposed to be a stroll

This event took place on 28th may 2017 and was meant to be a stroll I thought. I enter this event to keep me motivated for the up and coming Swansea half Marathon.

On the morning of the race, I got up early and made my way down. As I was on a no carb diet, I couldn’t have any breakfast, this was a mistake.

On arrival I park up easily and registered to receive my race number. As we all were ready to set off, we were told no earphones. I was gutted! How was I going to cope? I felt weak but determined to complete a personal best.

We were off! And because I was sorting out my earphones and running app, I ended up in a panic, which meant I was last of all crossing the start line.

It was a very hot day and the first 2km felt great, nice and flat. Then unexpectedly hills began to appear and found it very difficult and the marshals helped, with their cheering. There were man walkers on the hill, but I dug in not to give up. I did not want to stop at any cost.

It was flat for a moment, which I greatly welcomed to get my breathe back and to ease the pain in my legs. On this flat I had some good company with a Caerphilly runner and it help talked to another.

Another monster of a hill was around the corner and I was on my own and I could hear all feet ponding the road and heavy breathing of the walkers on the hill. I was so elated to get to the top and was welcomed by the cheering from the locals. I even high fived some of the kids, which felt brilliant. On the downhill, 2 women passed me, when we happened to go over a 20mph speed bump “slow down, its a 20mph speed limit” I said and they laughed.

At the bottom of the hill was the half way water table, not wanting to stop, I ran past – Another mistake. Running onward another lady passed me and I could then see her in the distance and she stopped. I was determined to catch her although m legs was really painful by this time. Then she start again, stopped, started. I was gutted not to have caught her, but at least I did not stop at all.

The last 2km I had to battle against the heat and exhaustion and at the 9km marker I thought I was not going to make it. I could see the finish line but it seemed a long way to go. I could hear myself breathing heavy and legs thumping the ground. I could barely run at this point but I made it all the way cross the finish line, with a time of 1 hour 4 mins. It was not my best time, but I was still very happy with what I had accomplished. Especially as it was very hot and had some unforgiving hills.

Over the finish line I scrambled for water and slumped to the ground. I was completely exhausted. On my next run I will ensure to take water and hopefully find extra mileage.

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