The Road to Swansea Half Marathon

I wanted a challenge to keep me motivated. I decided to participate in the Swansea Half Marathon on the 25th June. This is to be my biggest challenge to date since taking up running in Oct 2016.

I was’nt sure if I’d be ready as I have never reached the half marathon distance and with a busy family life and a Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm work life, It was going to be difficult to juggle it all but I was focused and wanted to achieve this goal.

21/05/17 – Completed the Welsh trail 10km run
22/05/17 – Began no carb diet. Decided to enter the Treforest 10km
23/05/17 – Gym day – Shoulders & Back workout
24/07/17 – 45 mins of Spin / 30 min treadmill work
25/07/17 – Rest day – Feeling tired
26/05/17 – Gym day – Chest and Arm workout
27/05/17 – Rest day
28/05/17 – Treforest 10km. Completed. Tried Foam rolling for 1st time
29/05/17 – Purchased new trainers to help with running. Bank holiday- spent all day with family, no training
30/05/17 – Gym day – Shoulders, Arms & Leg workout
31/05/17 – Double session of vibe cycle.
01/06/17 – 15km run. My legs gave uo, not sure how to overcome this problem. My fitness is great.
02/06/17 – Gym day – Chest workout, felt tired
03/06/17 – Worked an 18.5 hours as a safety steward. Standing all day and not much sleep
04/06/17 – Only 3 weeks until Swansea Half Marathon. Felt tired all day. Unable to do any training.
05/06/17 – Family day. Juggling family life is hard but I needed to spent quality time with them. They are very supportive.
06/06/17 – Gym day – Shoulders, back and Arms workout
07/06/17 – Double spin class of 1 hour 30 mins
08/06/17 – Worked all day for election, therefore no training.
09/06/17 – Gym day – Chest workout. Felt really tired
10/06/17 – Family day, no training
11/06/17 – 17km run – A difficult run blog
12/06/17 – Rest day
13/06/17 – Gym day – Back and Shoulder workout
14/06/17 – Double vibe cycle – duration of 1 hour and 30 mins
15/06/17 – Hill sprinting at 10pm to improve my leg strength. Waiting for family to go to bed.
16/06/17 – Gym day – Chest & Arm workout. Did stair work for 10 mins
17/06/17 – Family Day
18/06/17 – 19.12km run. Nearly made it blog
19/06/17 – No gym work this week. Want to relax before big run.
20/06/17 – Hill sprint session at 10:00pm when family were sleeping.
21/06/17 – Steward work from 8am – 10:30pm. No training.
22/06/17 – Rest day
23/06/17 – Hill Sprint sesssion after 10pm and a 5km run
24/06/17 – Rest and relax day
25/06/17 – Swansea half marathon – Have I done enough. Will I do it???

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