The Beast 2018 at Ogmore Vale

Did I Tamed The Beast 10km?

After last years failed attempt at the Beast 10km. I wanted to complete it this time around.

The Beast 10km was a well organised run by Kelly Owen and the team at Cwm Ogwr Running Club and it is a brutal challenge to ascend 3 very tough hills.

The race began at 11:30 on 10th March at the foot of the beast. Running up the first hill for approx 1.5km is a bit of a climb and once I got to the top it was a bit of a relief. Then is its all downhill on a mudy trail path to the second climb, which they call the “Beast”

It’s not too bad to begin, but as you turn the corner, the might of the beast begins and its a struggle to keep you legs going and this is the point where many of the brave competitors have to walk and it no shame to admit. Today was a bit misty and therefore helped a little, as you could not see too far ahead, therefore it kept me going but towards the top my running was more of a walk.

Finally the shear joy of reaching the top and a water station awaiting. Now the fun begins, the descend. On the descend you have to be careful of your foot placement, but you cant help running fast. Pin your ears back I say.

The third and final hill. for me was very hard but the easiest of the 3, The momentum of the descend of the “Beast”  carried me up halfway without even noticing. Its was still hard work and my legs was like jelly but I kept pushing on.

At the top and at the beginning of the descend back towards the finish. I had spectacular views of the village below. Its was high!

I finished last years run in 1:08 and this year I finished 0:58. I finished 10 mins quicker, I was so overjoyed and i’m slowly taming the beast. Next year I will tame the beast. Will you?

Overall the event was excellent and Kelly Owen and her team of marshals was fantastic. I really enjoyed the experience and cant wait for next year.

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