Swansea Bay 10k

The Swansea Bay 10k Run,

The Swansea 10k run was a must event for me, as I knew the Swansea 10k was a stunning flat running route that I could potentially run a personal best.

The route would take us on the main road from St Helens Cricket ground, to the Mumbles and returning along the beach path back around the magnificent Swansea Bay. Its was a flat course with wide open spaces for really good manoeuvring.

I got to the event early and parking was easy and directly opposite the race village. With time to spare I was able to collect my t-shirt and watch the other races.

About 30 mins prior to race time, I made my way to the starting line and was glad to see that it was not crowded, although there was over 4,500 runners in attendance.

I started the race very quickly, too quickly in fact and by the 4km I was knackered and slowed a little to gather my breathe, but was loving the race and the challenge. At this point you could already see the front runners on the return and this inspired me to up my pace.

Got to the Mumbles turn around in good time and while running grabbed a bottle of water, which was greatly appreciated. Running along the coast was breathe taking, with supporters cheering us on. Looking around I forgot I was running for a bit and I quickly got the 8km.

We ran the last bit though a little wooded area under the trees and away from the rain. By this time it was becoming harder for me to keep up the pace and at 9km the 50 minute pacer past by me. That’s it I thought, ‘dig in, a PB is in sight.

Though the last couple of hundred meters, we had count down signs and with the finish line approaching and hundreds of supporters lined up at the sides cheering and clapping, I pushed on and completed my fastest 10k at 50:53. This was a massive achievement as I had only taken up running in October 2016. I am really proud of myself.

In conclusion the overall event was very impressive and a extremely enjoyable day for myself and my family. Although the weather was not the best, the supporters was excellent and I pay tribute to the marshals and organisers for a glorious event. I will be going back next year without any doubt.

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