Port Talbot Half Marathon

If you have told me this time last year that I would have ran 2 half marathons, I would never have believed you. This time last year, I have no intention of completing any runs.

The Port Talbot half marathon was my 2nd second marathon. Its was a lovely day on 13th August. I got there early and parking was no problem at all. I had to pick my race number, timing chip and t-shirt on the day and registration was done with ease. The race HQ area was great. Plenty of drinks and biscuits on offer and a nice cafe overlooking the start and finish line.

Although I had completed a half marathon just a few weeks ago and my training was good. I was still terrified. I wanted to complete this run. The Start went off in waves and I was placed in wave 5. The race started at 11:00am and it all went off very smoothly.

At the beginning, the run took us around a small pond and up the small steep hill onto the trail. The surrounding views was breathtaking and just looking around, relaxed me. I was running alongside some runners and they all seemed friendly and chatty which helped as well.

The 1st 6.5 miles was a nice steady decent. As it was my 1st time I got worried as I kept going downhill and I knew I had to come back up! I had my 1st water station at the 2 mile mark. I had now settled down and the runners thinned out and I began enjoying myself. I was still overawed by the beauty of the track. It was really something.

Still running downhill I ended up the 6.5 just under the hour and was ecstatic that i may get a sub 2 hour. The half way water station was amazing. I grabbed a bottle of water and an energy gel. We were getting spoilt. The signs gave me a little giggle as I ran past “don’t be shit”.

I ran over the little bridge, twisting and turning on the paths and then our accent began. I shouted to the marshal that I knew this was coming and he replied “its a nice steady climb”. Its was true, it was steady but of 6it  miles

On the hill a lady in blue past me at a good pace, not wanting to be beaten I kept up with her and i’m glad I did. we chatted and she kept me going. I past many runners that started very quickly, which felt good for me as I knew my run was going great.

It was exciting to see the 10 mile sign and still running with the lady in blue at a good pace. My legs had now began to stiffen but I kept pushing myself on I was determined not to stop, but it did slow me down. The lady in blue was now running ahead and many runners were walking.

The remaining part of the course was tough I felt like it was never ending. Every corner I wanted it to be the last.  I was not going to give up and I found some energy and pushed on to the finish line. I could hear my kids shouting and I high fived them just before crossing the line. In a time of 2:10 – a personal best. Yesss!

What a feeling, crossing the line, its becoming very addictive. I received my medal, water and goody bag, which was full of treats.

Overall the Port Talbot Half Marathon event was amazing, it had everything available and the run itself was breathtaking with picturesque views under the trees. It was great valve for money at only £19 – I cant wait for next year. Get in fast and ensure you get your place in 2018 event, you won’t be disappointed.

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  • Louise Griffiths
    2 years ago

    What an amazing event on Sunday ‘The Port Talbot Half Marathon’. From arriving in the car park to the finish line was well thought out. The course was tough but the marshals, supporters, children offering jelly bellies, first aiders and who ever else helped to make sure this event went well, you all deserve a massive thank you.

    It was my 2nd half marathon this year and I’m not going to lie, it was tough! The support from the side line and runners themselves was outstanding and helped to push me through it. We are so lucky to have an event like this especially with the stunning scenery. Can’t wait to come back next year ?

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