Nearly Made It

Exactly 1 week prior to the Swansea half marathon. The weather was very hot in the morning about 28 degrees and I need to boost my confidence to complete my own half marathon distance.

I began the run at approx 8:30am from the Brecon mountain railway and made my way towards Pontsticill. I turned onto the taff trail, over the viaduct towards Cefn Coed. At this point of the run I was feeling great and I was wearing my new running belt, that I had from my kids for fathers day. The belt could hold water and energy gels. At Cefn Coed I consumed one of the energy gels to help.

From Cefn Coed, I ran up hill towards Trefechan, then onto Vaynor and Ponsticill Reservoir. Running up hill towards Ponsticill was difficult, legs were beginning to ache. I ran over the reservoir and then up hill back towards the Brecon mountain railway. I had now ran approx 15km.

I was going well, especially in the hot weather, the sweat was dripping the sun tan lotion into my eyes, which was not pleasant. I ran onto Pant and circled the industrial estate. I had now passed the 18km mark and was cheering to myself as I was so happy to reach this point.

I ran on another 1.1km before I finished. I could hardly walk and really needed water, but my bottles were empty and with no money, I plucked up the courage to ask a lady, who was emptying her shopping from her car. I felt ashamed to asked but I really needed the water.

The lady was so kind. She asked me in and shouted for her husband to get a bottle from the fridge. He handed me the water and as a coincidence he was also a runner and said that he saw me earlier and I look as though I was struggling. He gave me some good advice to help my training. Brilliant I thought, what great luck such lovely people.

I walked back to the Brecon mountain railway where my car was parked. I was completely exhausted. I had completed 19,12km, which was short of the half marathon distance, but it was mostly up hill and the Swansea half marathon will be flat. So i’m hoping it will mean that I can get that extra 2km and cross the finish line.

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