2017 – A Recollection of my Running Journey

This year is almost over and I thought I’d share my 2017 running Journey to inspire others to become more active.

I used to spend all my time in the gym and running was never in my thoughts. I wanted to become fitter I decided to give running a go at the end of 2016. Although it was very difficult and boring to start with, it has now become a life changer for me. I love it.

To stay motivated I entered races and just recently I have registered for park runs. I participated in running events to race against myself and running with others has truly inspired me. Every race I want to improve and with all the amazing atmosphere on race days, it has been fantastic, There is no feeling like crossing that finish line with everyone cheering, when you thought it was impossible, to begin with.

During my 1st full year I have become addicted to running and completed the following events:

  • The Beast 10k at Ogmore Vale
  • St Davids Day 10k Run
  • Cardiff Bay 10k Run
  • Lap the Lake 10k at Bryn Bach Park
  • The Royal Welsh 10k Trail Run
  • Treforest 10k
  • Swansea Half Marathon
  • The Iron Trail
  • The Loop 10k Run
  • Port Talbot Half Marathon
  • Llantwit Major 10k
  • Cardiff 10k
  • Swansea 10k
  • Cardiff Half Marathon

I would have to say that the Loop 10k was the hardest event i have completed followed closely by the Beast 10k They both had tough inclines but the loop was all uphill from the start, with a steep 2k decline. However, the Beast was my first and was a massive achievement.

It is really difficult to pick a favourite as I enjoyed them all and many of the locals had turned out to cheer, but I would have to choose the Cardiff 10k, as it was my best time at 52 mins and I felt really comfortable throughout the course.

Back in March, I decided to take on a big challenge, ‘The Cardiff Half Marathon. I never thought in a million years I’d get to that distance during 2017, but I thought I would try and with much determination and drive and got out there and trained even when it was difficult. Within a couple of months, I had the belief I could run it and entered the Swansea Half Marathon as a tester. The Swansea half marathon was hard and painful but I finished it. It was the first time I completed the 13.1 mile distance and was an amazing feeling which I finished in a time of 2:16

After that, I ran the Port Talbot half Marathon, which again was an amazing event. I completed that in 2:10. In October was the Cardiff Half Marathon. It was the biggest event I had entered. With approx 25,000 runners taking part, it was overwhelming and so many spectators all throughout the course. It was great to finish in 2:04 mins. In 2018 will I get that sub 2 hours?

2018 will be a big challenge for me now, to match what I have achieved this year, but as a very determined person, I will try my best. Hopefully, I will enter many more events and possibly go for the full marathon soon.

2018 is a chance for all of us to change our lives and I can assure you that running will improve your well being. Only you can make the decision but since I have taken up running I feel much healthier and happier. Whatever you decide to do in 2018, whether is walking, running, cycling, gym or any other activity, stick with it and see where it leads you.

Happy new year everyone and good luck in 2018, best wishes.


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