The Loop 10km Trail Run

The loop 10km at Barry Sidings Country Park Pontypridd

It was great atmosphere at this event, set a scenic county park, with a beautiful cafe that served excellent food and really good coffee.

The course is run on forest roads and trails. The course is about 10km with the first 5km uphill whilst the rest of the course runs back downhill to the finish which included one sharp downhill descent on a stoney narrow bushy lane.

The race started at 10:30am and it was all uphill to begin, the first 2km I felt good taking over some runners. The course had many turns and therefore I could not see far ahead, which was good for me. It helped me focused on reaching every bend and not knowing the course every bend was the finish for me. Running uphill was very tough. See the elevation graph for the course below.

I made it to the water station, without stopping, which i knew was at the top of the course and I was hoping for a nice downhill run, After a brutal hill climb. At one point I thought I needed climbing gear to get me to the summit.

The downhill run was great to begin with and a chance to get my breath back. With beautiful surroundings, you couldn’t wish for a nicer run. Then came the decent and steep it was. Every placement was crucial as a wrong footing could have been very nasty. The last of the decent was very bushy and narrow.

Back out on the forest trail for the last 1km. It was downhill and stunning. I pushed myself down the hill for a good finish.

Overall this trail was very tough and with beautiful scenic surroundings. Its was was 1st time at the park and a great day out for the kids. I would run this again, no question. Again the marshalling was organisation was superb.

i finished this trail run of 10.60km in a duration of 1:02, which was an average pace of 5:55km per min. Which was very good for me. I was ecstatic with my time and more so that I finished without stopping.

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