Llantwit Major 10k

I decided to run this at the last minute and i’m glad I did! Before the race started I had the opportunity to have a pre-race massage at the race village at only £5, which was very good.

The race began at 10:45 and started on a slightly downhill road. We then came to have small steep trail hill leading in to a woodland area. Although the hill was only small the steepness took me by surprise and it was hard to recover.

Though the little wooded area. We ran along a trail path twisting and turning along the golf course and then over a sty. In to the open we ran along the coastal cliffs on a single track for about 3km, which was a magnificent view.

Another sty and up a very steep coastal single track. At the top we ran on for approx another 1km and over a fence though a wooded area down and up steps. Out of the trees was a water station and then a slight up trail run.

At the end of the track, we ran along a path past a housing area and over a narrow bridge. At the end of the path, we came out onto the road and headed up towards the rugby pitch, we plenty of crowds, chanting and cheering us on towards the end.

Turned onto the rugby pitch and around to the to of the posts and then a full lenght of a rugby pitch finish though the crowds that had gathered under the bottom posts.

At the end we received our stunning medal, water, nutri-grain bar and energy tabs. Which was greatly appreciated at I found this a very challenging run.

The Llantwit Major 10K is a lovely trail run along a very beautiful coast. Fab route, a bit of bottle necking with sty’s but very well organised, with plenty of water. The race village was great for everyone with an awesome atmosphere, with music, food stalls, coffee stalls and an inflatable fun area for the children.

This will be one I will be returning to next year to improve on my effort. Thank to the organisers and marshalling for a great race and my family had a fantastic day out.



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