How it all started

It all began with a 5km run

I’m a gym enthusiast but really wanted to get fit, and running for me has always been a bit of a challenge. I didn’t really like running if i’m honest and I lacked any motivation especially with a busy life, but I had to start somewhere.

I did a 1km run at Bryn Bach park one evening with my daughter and found it really difficult. I finished out of breathe but I was determined to carry on. Then a 5km race was available at Ebbw Vale in December 2016 and at only £6 to enter I took a chance. So for the next couple weeks I began running about 3 times a week trying to get to that 5km distance.

On the day of the 5km I was feeling very nervous  but also determine. I started the race very quickly and finished sluggish. The good news was – I completed the race in a respectable 27 mins and I received a medal. It was only a small event with approx 100 runners but it was an amazing day and a great experience – I was hooked. Crossing the finish was an achievement.

After that I got a bit more adventurous I decided to enter the 10km – The beast it was in Feb 2017 and at only £5 I though why not. I didn’t realise what I was getting myself into, but entering this ensured that I stayed focused and motivated. I kept up running and had great support from my family, which does make a huge difference.

Once I entered this event, I decided that I wanted to run for a reason. So I created a fundraiser to help Cardiff University Hospital Ward B5 as they did a magnificent job with the care of my Dad for about 5 years, when he suffered Kidney failure and sadly died in May 2015

I setup fiver for 5 which was five runs that consists of:

  • The 10km beast at ogmore vale
  • St Davids day 10k run in Cardiff
  • Cardiff bay run 10k
  • The welsh festival 10km trail
  • Cardiff 1/2 Marathon in Oct 2017

On the day of the beast it was cold, with about another 200 runners. My headphones was set and this run was exactly how it was described a “beast”. It was basically a mountain climb. We started on a hill and that was difficult, then after a brief downhill I meet the beast, it was a massive climb. On that I sadly failed as I only got ¾ of the way up and walked the last bit but my legs caved in. I was distraught and extremely disappointed but I wanted to carry on, Once I got to the top of the mountain its was a run downhill which hurt even more. I had another long hill to complete before finishing but I didn’t stop again, I finish the event in 1 hour and 8 mins.

Next up was the St Davids day 10km run. I really enjoyed this, it was a huge event with aprox 2500 runners, didn’t think it could get better. Its was a flat course and I really enjoyed the run as I was in good company with my mates Gavin Robinson and Peter Demery. I finished the race in a good 58 mins a personal best.

Next was the Cardiff Bay 10km. This event was simply WOW it blew me away. There must have been over 6000 runners and it was a very hot day. Peter Demery run with me and I had my family in full support. I found this race hard as I needed a hat to keep my headphones in and it was a very hot day which caused me to over heat and sweatly but again I did it in a personal best of 57 mins. After finishing I received a medal & t-shirt. I really enjoyed the day and couldn’t wait for my next challenge.

Since the Cardiff Bay Run I absolutely love running as when I crossed the finish line it give me a feeling of self belief and achievement. Running is now a crucial part of my training routine. My next event will be the The welsh festival 10km trail tun.

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