How I’m Aiming To Stay Motivated For The Year Ahead

I have committed to my new years resolutions and have already entered 9 events for 2018 with many more runs planned.

  • Ebbw Vale 5km run – Jan 14th
  • Llanelli Half Marathon – Feb 18th
  • Cardiff Bay Run – March 25th
  • Great Welsh Half Marathon – April 15th
  • Newport 10km – April 29th
  • Swansea Half Marathon – June 24th
  • Barry Island 10km – August 5th
  • Port Talbot Half Marathon – Aug 12th
  • Cardiff 10km – September 2nd

If doesn’t stop there! I have intentions of running more events, such as St David Day Run, Swansea 10km, Cardiff Half Marathon, The Beast 10k and if i’m really lucky I may even get an opportunity to run the Great North Run if my ballot is successful. I have also signed up to park runs and will try to commit myself to a minimum of 20 parks runs this year.

Im sure that I will find more runs as they become available and so this year my calendar will be packed with running events. Can you suggest any good running events?

I wont be able to find any excuses for not running and by committing myself to these events, it will ensure I stay motivated to keep pushing harder and not to give up. This year will be very exciting for me as I will be running new courses and returning to last years to beat my PBs. Mostly it will keep me inspired to stay active.

Good Luck to you all and I would love to hear about your experience and any new events that will be available

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