Cardiff Bay 10km Run 2018

Cardiff Bay 10km run 2018

This was my second crack at the Cardiff Bay Run 10km and it was a great day. parking was really easy and the run was set in the stunning location of Cardiff Bay. It was a really nice day, with thousands of runners and supporters gathering in the bay. It set to be a great run.

At the starting pen I felt nervous, as I targeted a PB. I was in the 1st wave that started at 11am. For the part of the run up though Lloyd George Avenue I felt great and strong and on the return by the millennium centre I spotted my kids and gave them a high 5.

I ran on strongly past the old doctor who experience and then though the port, at this point it became very warm and I stay in the shade.

Running out of the port and onto the bay was absolutely stunning the cool breeze from the bay was relaxing, the 1st part was slightly uphill but after turning around at the Cardiff Bay Barrage, it was a little downhill.

After a fast start, my legs began to feel heavy and gradually I slowed down and losing time. As we came to the Norwegian church, were there were hundreds of supporters. Although my legs were hurting I began to speed up again and embrace the discomfort, as I knew it was close to the finish.

Running past the millennium centre, I spotted my kids again, they cheered me. On the home straight up Lloyd George avenue I gave it my all and the adrenaline I felt from the crowd was amazing. Nothing beats the feeling like

When I set out my goal at the start of the run, my main priority was to beat my PB and I finished the race in 49.47 my 1st sub 50. Hopefully I can make further improvements to bring down my time this year and cant wait for my next event at the great welsh half marathon.


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