Cardiff 10k

The Cardiff 10k started in the heart of city in a perfect location, adjacent to city hall on the King Edward VII Avenue. Which was easily accessible and the race village was very close with good entertainment and a variety of food for everyone.

I was ready and felt positive for this event. We went at 10:00 after a quick warm up and although there was thousand of runners it all went of smoothly with plenty of room for manoeuvring. Along the route was plenty of marshals and supporters cheering, which felt fantastic.

Running along the cities closed roads past the museums and then though the Cathays area was charming and peaceful. Running on past the cemetery then we dipped downhill under the bridge and I saw the pace car with the leader beginning to head back to the finish, and he was rocketing and we all cheered as he past.

Running onto the 4k mark, though the spectacular Roath Park was unbelievably  brilliant. Running over the bridge past all the supporters that had come out to see us all giving our best efforts. This gave me the kick I needed and began to speed up a little as I felt great.

Running back though cathays, we had a little bit of a hill to climb, which I tackled very well. At this point I as pushing hard and targeted people in front that I had to overtake. This tactic proved very effective and the race just flew by.

Coming back to towards the finish was impressive, people were out in the hundreds cheering and my daughters shouted for me. Although I was fighting hard to keep up the pace its was only 1km to go and last 500 yards was lined up again with hundreds of people motivating all us runners to finish quickly.

Across the finish line I felt proud as I knew I had beaten my best time. I received water, striking medal and a nice t-shirt as well.

Overall the event was outstanding, well organised and had very good marshalling. The Cardiff 10k is “a must” for me next year. I want to give this 10k event 10 out of 10. Thank you to all the organisers, marshals, runners and supporters for making the day fun and very enjoyable.

Cardiff 10k run

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