Get motivated at the Bodypower expo

Get motivated at Bodypower

BODY POWER PROMO CODEBodypower expo health and fitness expo is the event to visit to get yourself motivated to live a healthier life. It motivated me so much, I became an ambassador for the brand. Ever thought about going the the Bodypower expo – Well you should!

Bodypower is not all about bodybuilders nor hardcore fitness pros. Bodypower is for anyone and everyone that wants to change their lives for the better.

At the expo you can find out about all the latest fitness trends and have the opportunity to meet the fitness pros and fitness experts or watch presentations from leading experts in their fields. i was lucky enough to attend the presentation by Ben Coomber and Gemma Hockett The Marathon Girl, which provided me with excellent tips and I put them into action the very next day.

You will also be able to see the live features that will be on at the expo such as strongman competitions, cross-fit competitions or live bodybuilding comps and much, much more. It will be a fun packed day with much to do and see.

Many stands will have competitions of their own for you to join in to win some goodies. Also many of the brands will give free samples, shakers and even t-shirts, which is always worth the ticket fee. The free samples I received kept me going for months.

bodypower expo freebies

So get yourself motivated and get you tickets to the bodypower expo in May. As an ambassador to the brand please see my facebook page to stay updated on exciting announcement from Bodypower on the run in to the show. Remember to use my bodypower promo code BPDJ2 when getting tickets from bodypower to receive a bottle of dedicated unisex sports fragrance worth £29.99

See you at the expo

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