Bodypower Expo 2018 is set for its biggest event yet!

Bodypower Expo 2018

The bodypower team are set to stage their tenth fitness expo, that is considered to be the biggest indoor fitness expo in the world and its expected that over 100,000 fitness fans will flock over the weekend between 11th-13th May 2018 at the NEC in Birmingham. As its the 10th anniversary and Bodypower team will have planned something to make it special i’m sure and they have made it Vegas themed. Its hyped to be the biggest fitness expo ever with many big named athletes are set to be announced very shortly as well as leading exhibitors and features.

The Bodypower expo stands out from all other expos and its a truly awesome and inspirational experience and since its began, it gone from Strength to strength. The bodypower team have impressed me with each show and no doubt that this year I will be blown away. Don’t be thinking that Bodypower is only for bodybuilders and athletes its an event that everyone and anyone can enjoy. If you have never been, then you should, it will be lots of fun.

Over the weekend there will much be to do and see at the Bodypower expo such as.

  • See leading exhibitors
  • Meet top athletes or even celebrities
  • Be educated and listen to by fitness speakers that are experts in their fields
  • Take part in fun competitions by the exhibitors
  • Grab lots of freebies from samples to t-shirts
  • Feature areas
  • Contests
  • Nutrition advice and training tips
  • Buy discounted goods from the exhibitors

For more detailed information of athletes, exhibitors and contests please go over to the bodypower website

Many of the visitors will be seeking to check out the exhibitor stalls, but I would strongly advise to take the opportunity to attend some of the talks. I did just that last year and it definitely helped me with my goals.

Body Power will be an awesome weekend, and you will not be disappointed. I’m really Looking forward to seeing what this year expo will bring for us all and I will update my ambassador facebook page with all the latest announcements from Bodypower.  If the events over the last 10 years is anything to go by it will be a magnificent event.

See you there!



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