Bodypower announced Jason Khalipa and Angelica Teixeira to be at the Expo

Bodypower announce 2 more athletes that will be the Expo – Jason Khalipa and Angelica Teixeira

Jason Khalipa is a crossfit champion and as announced by bodypower, that he will be at the expo with GAT sport. Since first taking up CrossFit at Santa Clara University, Khalipa has taken part in eight CrossFit Games.  In 2008, he earned the title of “Fittest Man on Earth” at the CrossFit Games and remained a major force at the Games year after year, with six Top 10 finishes in all—including 2nd overall in 2013 and 3rd in 2014. A switch to the Team Competition in 2015 produced a first place finish at the California Regionals with Team NorCal CrossFit. He’s also been invited three times to participate in the CrossFit Games Invitational for Team USA.

Angelica Teixeira is a fitness model and Arnold bikini 2018 winner and will be at the bodypower expo with GAT Sportbos. She began weight training at a young age of 15 and never stopped and her philosophy for getting in shape, is dedication, discipline and willpower and has the belief that anyone can do it. She is an inspiration to hundreds of people to that want to get into shape.

Whether you’re an aspiring Bikini Winner or the next CrossFit Champion, there’s something for everyone at BodyPower 2018! Don’t miss out on the chance to meet these two iconic athletes. Make sure to purchase your tickets now from the Bodypower website

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