Archon Combine at Bodypower Expo 2018

Archon Combine at Bodypower Expo 2018

Who would like to have their fitness level measured? At the bodypower expo for the 1st time, archon combine will be there. At the archon combine your fitness can be measured, evaluated and therefore it will help improve.

The archon combine will use a set of 12 assessments, which will be completed though out the day at bodypower. remember is it for anyone that wants to find out their fitness level.

Archon combine will provide you with a comparison to see how you do with others on a like for like basis. The result of the assessment will see how effective the training method you have chosen in order to reach your goal. When this is known, you can work on what you need to do to achieve what you set out to do.

These assessments can help provide an indication that you could, potentially be the next medallist at the Olympics or any other sport at a high level

Interested? For more information please read more detailed information at the Bodypower website where you can sign up.

Alternatively, if you want to just attend the bodypower fitness show, which will be the biggest ever then get your  bodypower tickets today that are available now from bodypower. You are welcome to use my bodypower ambassador promo code BPDJ2 to receive a free bottle of dedicated unisex sports fragrance worth £29.99




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