Aarron Lambo is at the Bodypower Fitness Expo

Aarron Lambo has been confirmed by Bodypower to be at the 1oth anniversary show.

An inspiration to many, ‘Aarron Lambo, will be holding Q&A’s and interactive workout sessions throughout the bodypower weekend. He will be will his brand Alpha Training.

Aarron Lambo was a competitive bodybuilder and opened his own Alpha Traing gym and has gone onto to create an online shop selling sports supplements and since has gone from strength to strength and his brand is growing fast.

His online following is huge and he inspires many people and has even had a film produced about his life, “LAMBO” a cinematic documentary that follows his struggles and successes.

His Q&A’s and session will be popular at Bodypower and you can have the chance to see him.

Tickets are available now from Bodypower. You are welcome to use my bodypower ambassador promo code BPDJ2 to receive a free bottle of dedicated unisex sports fragrance worth £29.99


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